We Enjoy Our Job – But Feedback Like This Makes It Even Better – April 2015

Dear Emma,

I wanted to compliment you on the excellent service provided to my daughter x by your firm and in particular the contribution of Dan Parks in gaining a favourable outcome without the need to attend court. The additional bonus of your application for costs on her behalf was unexpected but very welcome particularly as she is at university.

Although the initial speeding offence was not excessively worrying (34 miles in 30 mile zone) and she has a clean licence the additional charge of failing to provide driver details put her licence at risk as it was within 2 years of passing her test. X had in fact simply told the truth which was that in the chaos of the last few days before attending university and following a very difficult year with family illness we could not be absolutely certain whether it was x or I driving at the time.

X has always been an exceptionally compliant and socially aware young person. Her only previous contact with the police was when she received the High Sheriff’s Award for Youth in the Community, for work with disabled children throughout her time in 6th form college. This potential stain on her character was therefore particularly distressing for her.

I was distraught when I contacted Pattersons on x’s behalf as it was my poor health which had led to everything being done at the last moment and my need to use her car to take time out several times that day rather than provide the level of support she deserved. I was reassured by the sympathetic and professional response I received from you Emma during that first call and subsequent conversations with Dan Parks who demonstrated an excellent grasp of the situation as well as patience and reassurance in his communication with us both.

I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need of first class representation regarding motoring offences and would be happy for this email in its entirety or in part to be used as a testimonial on your website.


“A relieved mum”

About Emma Patterson

Emma has built Patterson Law into one of the leading specialist motoring law legal practices in the UK. By carefully assembling a team of exceptional road traffic law experts Patterson Law has been able to out perform their competitors with high success rates in court.
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