12 Points On Licence – Totting Up Ban


I have two sets of three points dated 19.1.08 and 14.8.08. I have just received two tickets for 28.2.10 within 1.5 hour of each other one for 35 and one for 37 in 30 mph zone. To lose my licence would be a disaster as I have three children and am a single parent. I would also lose self employed income.

Although I know I have been very reckless and am very aware I have been wrong I would like to know if I can appeal in any way?

The offences occurred on the way to and returning from an AA meeting (can prove) and I have been sober for over three years – I was rushing to meet a newcomer but I again suppose this would not be taken into account? Any advice would be very welcome? Thank you

Graham Says:

If you accept the speeds alleged then you will have to admit being the driver and accept the allegations.

As you know this will lead to you being called to court for getting a total of 12 points on your licence.

You will then face a 6 month ban unless you can show the court that you would suffer exceptional hardship as a result. By the sounds of it you have a very strong exceptional hardship argument if you are a single parent with three young children to support. What’s the nature of your business?

The reason for speeding might be taken as mitigation but you are going to have to establish exceptional hardship to avoid the ban.

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