My Father Is At Risk Of A Totting Ban


This is more a question for my fathers piece of mind at present if you could help.

He has 6 points, has also received another nip for an alleged speeding offence calculated from a hand held radar which he feels he should contest.

He was this week taken into hospital, where he is currently in ccu awaiting an angiagram.

On visiting yesterday I found out he has since received another nip which I believe he agrees with, though at present he is unsure whether the driver was himself or my mother.

He has not mentioned this last nip to her as yet.

Due to his current situation, he is considering taking the further 6 points and whatever totting ban comes to keep stress to a minimum.

Is it possible you could advise on this please?

Graham Says:

He should only take the two sets of points if he accepts that he was speeding at the time of the alleged offences. He should also only name himself if he was the actual driver at the time of the alleged offence.

He may have an exceptional hardship argument if he takes both sets of points. This might be on the basis of his health if he has issues with mobility?

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