Totting Ban – Mistake Regarding Insurance


My girlfriend got disqualified from driving for 12 months due to a tot up of speeding convictions and no insurance.

She finally completed the 12-month ban and I agreed to put her on my car insurance, we went out for a drive at the weekend and she got pulled up for a faulty headlamp on my car.

Upon checking the police found out she had made a mistake and the ban didn’t end when she thought but in fact a week later!!! So she was driving the car three days before her ban actually ended.

It was a genuine mistake; we wouldn’t have added her to the car insurance if we thought she was still banned.

She has now been arrested and bailed for driving while disqualified. She is petrified; she is a single mother of two children and is scared stiff she is going to get a prison sentence.

She would of served her 12 month ban three days after we got stopped, she genuinely thought the year was over.

Graham Says:

She is at risk of a community-based sentence for driving whilst disqualified if she hasn’t committed this type of offence before.

She will probably get legal aid to be represented by a local solicitor. I can help her if she would like to be privately represented for a fixed fee ( see our fees here ). She has good mitigation and the court maybe willing to accept it was a genuine mistake.

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