6 Penalty Points And £200 Fixed Penalty


Hi, I wanted to ask in behalf of a friend. She was driving back from buying a car. The car was not insured at the time but as she reached home the police stopped her due to her not having her headlights on.

She spoke to the police and gave right information and explained her circumstances. The police took her car to compound fined her 200 pound gave her 6 penalty points on her licence.

Wanted to ask if you could help in any way cause she’s just recently passed and was driving home from there. Please could you help? Thank you

Louise Says:

If you friend takes the fixed penalty and the 6 penalty points she will have her licence revoked and will have to do a full retest.

If she has accepted the ticket and paid the fine it’s too late to help.

The only chance she has is to reject the ticket and take the matter to court. At court she will have to try and persuade the court to give her a short ban rather than the points. If she succeeds she will avoid revocation.

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