6 Points But I Don’t Want To Be Revoked


I have been to court and a decision has bin made that i get 6 points and a fine for no insurance.

I agree with the decision but I have only had my licence 4 a just over a year and getting 6 points get my licence revoked, I have a very sick parent who lives at home with me that I look after on a daily basis I have to travel to and from the hospital regularly. And also travel to back and forth from the chemist, I am the only person that is able to drive in my home,

what my question is, would it be possible for my licence not to get revoked on the basis that is my only mean of transport.

I look forward to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to read my request.

 Louise Says:

If you have already been sentenced to 6 points and a fine then I’m afraid its too late. The DVLA have to revoke your licence they have no discretion.

The only chance you had was to try and get the court to give you a short ban rather than the points. Come back to me if you haven’t been sentenced yet and I will be happy to assist further.

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