Provisional Driver – I Was Not Properly Supervised


I am a provisional driver and had a driver with a full licence (two years and 10 months) sitting with me. I drove my mothers car and was unaware that it was not insured. I have car insurance for my own car and had a crash so my insurance insured my mum’s car for a time.

So I was assumed that I was insured to drive with a full licenced driver. I am also taking my driving test next couple of weeks, should I still take my test? I also am a carer for my granddad and Nan. I take them to hospital appointments and do their shopping for them and if I am banned from driving it would effect them.

I have received court date for the 20th July. Can you help or point me in the right direction?

Louise Says:

You are going to get 6-8 points for the no insurance offence. The court will take the view that you should not have assumed you were covered.

You can still take your test. You only get revoked if you get 6 points and the offence was in the first two years after passing your test. So be careful. If you get anymore points you will have to do a full retest.

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