I Hit A Stationary Police Car!


In x this year I was involved in a collision with a police car. I was carrying my cousins from Southampton to Norwich driving along a dual carriageway.

There was a police car stopped on the carriageway with blue flashing lights, assisting another motorist. I did not realise that the police car was stopped and I ran into the back of it. There were injuries to my passengers but no other persons were injured, my car was a write off.

I did admit at the time to the police that it was my fault. I have now been been summonsed to court and don’t know what to do. Should I just admit the offence? I have held my driving licence for less than two years.

Emma Says:

You are going to have to be careful with this matter because if you get 6 points or more your licence will be revoked.

You can get between 3-9 points for driving without due care and attention and if you hit a stationary police car and people were hurt the court will take that very seriously.

Were you offered the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution? It maybe possible to persuade the CPS to refer the matter back to the police for you to do the course.

If they agree then the proceedings will be withdrawn and you wont get any points. This decision will depend on whether or not people were badly hurt. Was anyone taken to hospital and if so how long were they in?

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