I Cannot Afford The Driver Improvement Course


I was involved in a car accident back in February whereby, at a roundabout on a wet night I collided with a cyclist. She was not seriously hurt and the police have said that even though it was an accident, they feel there is enough evidence of charge me with driving without due care and attention.

They have sent a recommendation that I attend a driver improvement course, but the two dates I have been offered I cannot afford to pay one as it is in 3 days time at £190, and the other one I am on holiday.

If I end up being prosecuted and fined, do I have to pay the fine all in one go, or does it get paid off in installments?

Emma Says:

If you accept the allegation you should do your utmost to take the driver improvement course.

If you go to court you will get a fine (probably at least as much as the course), plus points and court costs. The points (3-9) will probably lead to you having to pay higher insurance premiums every year for the next few years.

The court would allow you time to pay any fines imposed.

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