Overtaking An Emergency Vehicle With Blue Lights Flashing


I was following an ambulance car at speed on a B road and was about to overtake it when the blue lights came on and the ambulance driver started to accelerate.

As there was a vehicle behind me, it would have been more dangerous for me to apply my brakes for fear of the vehicle behind running into me, so I continued and had no option but to continue overtaking the ambulance.

I have now received a summons through the post for driving without due care and attention. Do you think this warrants a driving ban? I have only had my licence for approx 6 months.

Emma Says:

Driving without due care and attention carries 3-9 points if convicted and I think you are at serious risk of getting at least 6 for this overtaking manouvre, which would lead to your licence being revoked. The court will take it very seriously because there was an emergency vehicle involved.

We maybe able to defend the allegation based on what you have said.

If you want my help with this matter come back to me and I will be happy to assist. I defend over 95% of the cases that I take on. I may be able to get the case withdrawn.

Were you asked to name the driver at the time? Were you offered the driver improvement course as an alternative to points?

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