I Wasn’t Driving Without Due Care – Now I’m At Risk Of A Ban


I was in a car accident on the highway where I was found 100% at fault. The only reason is because I couldn’t afford a lawyer to fight it for me.

I had someone hit me from behind on the highway and I hit the gas from reaction then immediately hit the brakes causing skid marks I went and hit another car in front me. The cop at the scene gave me a ticket for driving without due care. I disputed my ticket last year and now finally have a court date.

If the courts find me guilty I will lose my license for 1 year. I cannot lose it. Is there any way I can fight this and win?

Emma Says:

Why are you going to lose your licence for a year? Have you had a totting up ban before and you have now accumulated 12 points again? Tell me more about that.

If the accident was caused by the car behind you then you have a defence. The prosecution have to prove that it was your fault beyond reasonable doubt. You only have to create a reasonable doubt to win. From what you have said we maybe able to get this matter withdrawn without the need for a trial.

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