Take The Course Or Take It To Court?


Driving without due care and attention OR Without reasonable consideration for other road users.

Question: I have been given the alternative of attending a Driver Improvement Course, or attending Court, what advice would you give?

Emma Says:

You have to decide whether or not you are willing to accept that the standard of your driving fell below that of the reasonable and careful driver in all the circumstances.

If you do then you should consider taking the course. If you reject the course and take the matter to court (but accept that you are guilty) then you will get 3-9 points on your licence, a fine and court costs. The fine and the court costs will probably exceed the cost of the course.

If you do not accept that your driving was at fault then you should reject the course and ask for a court hearing where the court will have to decide whether the prosecution can prove beyond reasonable doubt that your driving wasn’t good enough.

If you tell me more about what actually happened I will be happy to give you more detailed advice on my view of the case.

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