Messing About On My Scooter – Private Road


I was messing about on my scooter and had my 8 year old son on the front as I turned into private cul de sac I slowed down but my son pulled the throttle back and I lost control of the scooter, thus I hit a neighbours house damaging a gas meter at the front of the house. This happened on x. I made a statement to police and they are sending case to the CPS, would like advice what to do.

Emma Says:

They will take it seriously if you had a child on the front of the bike I’m afraid. There is an issue though as to whether or not the road in question is covered by the road traffic act. If it’s a private road but the public still has access to it then it is covered by the road traffic laws.

Have you got any points on your licence? I assume you will get summons for due care and attention which carries 3-9 or a discretionary ban.

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