In Bed When Car Was Allegedly Driven!


The police state that I was driving at 39 m.p.h. in a 30 m.p.h. zone in x, Surrey at 01:02 0n x. The car was a hire car but at that time I was in bed asleep in my house near Lincoln!

I have not driven in Surrey for about 15 years and am not in the habit of driving anywhere at one o’clock in the morning being the sad retired teacher that I am.

Any advice will be useful and much appreciated.

Dominic Says:

That’s very odd.

Do you accept that you had the car in question on that date? Did you take a note of the registration number?

You are under a duty to supply information (which is within your power to give) that may lead to the identity of the driver.

If you do not know who was driving at that time and in that place then you will have a defence if you can show that you gave all the information that was within your power to give.

Is there a possibility that someone else within your family could have taken the car.

If you don’t know who was driving then you need to say so.

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