Had A Bump In My Car


I had a bump in my car today, I’ve thought I was insured got my policy saying I am insured! I have called today to change my policy registration plate as I have a personal plate and the DVLA have asked me to do this.

When I did find out I have no insurance, I was shocked as I have though I was insured until August, and to top it all off I’ve had a bump in my car today. So I don’t know where I stand?? I now have a new policy in my new plate.

I’m scared and really anxious that I’m going to serious trouble and it’s been a total innocent mistake.

Hope you can advise me?

Paula Says:

You will have to pay damages yourself if the accident was your fault. Also you could be reported to the police for driving without insurance by the other party in which case you will face 6-8 points and a hefty fine I’m afraid.

They might not report it if you manage to settle any claim. If you cannot afford to then you will have to get the Motor Insurance Bureau involved.

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