Please no Penalty Points


Driving without appropriate insurance

Unfortunately due to a hefty work load and other responsibilities I was caught driving without insurance. I was and still am insured under another vehicle and although it is no defence, I simply did not find time to swap vehicle details.

There were several procedures the police officer followed which after some research with an acquaintance in the west Mercia police, I found to be incorrect?

I would like to stress that I do not condone my behaviour but as a person with a previous clean criminal and driving record would hope there may be something I could do to avoid the 6 penalty points if not the fine which I am more than happy to pay.

Thank you for your time

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that if you accept it was an oversight on your part there is nothing that you can do in order to avoid the penalty points in relation to this matter, you don’t have a defence or a special reasons argument..

The only possible way would be to ask for the matter to go to court and try and persuade the magistrates to give you a very short ban instead of the points.

Have you got any penalty points already or are you a new driver? Tell me more and I will be able to assist further.

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