Missed Insurance Renewal Date


I was stopped by a police officer for my vehicle not showing to be insured. This was over looked on my part due to a house move. Refurbs on my home made me over look the policy. My reminder must have been sent to my old address. I have in all the 20 yrs of driving been road legal.

Once I confirmed my policy had run out only by about 2 months I straight away insured my car. The arresting officer informed me it would be a fixed penalty of £60 and 3 points. On producing my documents I was cautioned and told it would be 6-8 points and up to £200. Is this correct?

If so I feel it is wrong that I should be branded the same as some one that does this on a regular basis. I am happy to admit that I was breaking the law but feel 6-8 points is a little unfair due to this been a genuine mistake and my first offence of this sort. Is there any action I can take to avoid so many points ? Many thanks

Paula Says:

I’m afraid the officer that stopped you got it wrong. The minimum points for a no insurance offence is 6.

The fixed penalty is therefore always 6 points and a £200 fine.

If you get summonsed to court the pints could be 6-8 and a much higher fine – normally around £400-500.

I’m afraid that a genuine mistake does not amount a defence. The only way you can avoid the points is to show the court that you were misled into thinking that you were covered.

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