Complicated Licence Issue Or What?


I was convicted of a D/D offence about 13 years ago. I received a 1 year ban and 100 pound fine. Close to when the ban was up had letter from DVLA inviting me to apply to get my Licence back after taking a medical.

Never took them up on the offer and never replied to them. So I haven’t driven for a number of years. A couple of years beforehand I was driving with a friend in Glasgow and was stopped driving a hire car in the early hours in the morning. Usual roadside check with a car search. Upon which 2 grams of cannabis was found.

On giving my details to the Police, the month of my date of birth didn’t match what they had, so to avoid charge I agreed what they had was mine. So far fine. Released and on my way with a HORT1 to produce in 7 days.

Problem was the DOB of my bonefide licence didn’t match with what was on the HORT1, so after consideration about charges from drugs and possible I.D I sent my Licence off to DVLA stating it had the wrong DOB.

To my amazement they actually changed it and I had it back within 10 days and produced the stuff for HORT1 and that was that. So how do I go about sorting this out and getting a Licence back.

Paula Says:

Dear me x

I had to read that 3 times to get to the bottom of what’s happened.

The only thing I can suggest is that you go back to the DVLA and tell them that the Date Of Birth is wrong.

The risk is that they smell a rat and think that you are up to something shifty and question why you changed the licence first time around.

It’s a tricky one and I tend to think the truth is always best. I suggest you write to them tell them its wrong and hope that whoever amends it doesn’t ring any alarm bells.

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