They Didn’t Tell Me I Was Revoked At The Time


After my offences in 2008 (in10 6 points)and 2009 (cu30 3 points) I carried on driving, my licence and counterpart were returned to me no mention of revoking, after a early morning breathalyser I was just over limit and banned 12 months, did course to have licence back after 9 months only to get prov licence back queried this to be told licence had been revoked after first two lots of points(9).

I understand now about revoking but was done for drink driving 7 months later handed licence to the courts no mention about it not being valid, surely the police checked DVLA about my particulars to see if I had got a licence and must have been confirmed but as I hadn’t been informed I’m thinking DVLA may have slipped up only realising after I applied for licence back as they say in queries people should be informed (in writing) but can’t tell me if I was written to what else can I do.

Do I need another theory test and practical? Do I ask police what to do only to be charged with driving with no licence when I was over limit?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid that no matter what the reason for the delay in telling you your licence has been the revoked, the reality is that it has been.

You will now have to do a full retest in order to get back a full licence.

The DVLA don’t have any discretion. Your licence is revoked automatically when you get 6 or more points ion the first 2 years. Sorry.

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