I Didn’t Get The Request For Driver Information


s172 and sp30

Received a summons yesterday for the above two offences. I did not receive nip, they have included in the summons a copy of both Nip and reminder that was sent to me.

I have 3pts on my licence (previous points still on licence but over 3yrs old) I am worried about how many points they will give me for this and although I can see it was my vehicle in the photo and am guilty of the sp30 I did not get a notice to fill in my driver  information. How do I stand and what is the best route to take?

Dominic says:

You have a statutory defence in relation the failure to name the driver and you have a defence to the speeding matter on the basis that the prosecution don’t have any identification evidence – you need not provide it.

I can help you with this matter. Call me back when you have had the chance to check the previous points on your licence. Make sure that you have the dates of the previous offences and the dates of these alleged offences when you call in tomorrow.

Good to speak to you briefly.

Come back to me tomorrow.

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