Don’t Fight Your Wife’s Road Traffic Case For Her


A message to all you chaps out there who think you can get your women folk off road traffic offences…

Be careful !

There are not many things more damaging to a relation than promising that you can sort out your wife’s / girlfriend’s road traffic case and then failing miserably.

We speak to lots of guys that have done just that. Mostly in relation to offences under s.172 where the husband / boyfriend has taken over dealing with a request for driver identity sent to their partner. The chap has often told his partner that they cannot be forced to name the driver, or that they know how to get around it by sending numerous clever letters to the police.

Now of course we are happy to pick up the pieces and sort things out for you after you’ve had a dabble – but its an expensive exercise for you and loses you a lot of credibility with your women folk.

Please – if you girlfriend / wife – has a legitimate defence then give us a shout first before you say those infamous last words – “Give it to me, I can make it go away for you…”

Sound familiar?

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