I Intend To Name A Friend From Abroad


Could you please provide me free legal advice on following matter :

I have received a Notice of intended prosecution to request information to identify driver of vehicle

My vehicle was recorded at 38 mph at 30 mph zone on x

I have a UK drivers license which has 3 points on it (which I received still this year for a speeding offence) FYI, I did the speeding awareness course last year.

My questions :

-If I put my friend from x down as the driver at moment of offence (she has a European license, driving for more then 10 yrs, I have all her contact details so can provide these) will they :

1. Ask for the travel documents or other proof of being at that place of offence on that date ?

2. Will her Insurance fee increase ?

3. As the Point system doesn’t exist in x, will they increase the fine or can we assume it will be the standard £60?

4. I checked my Insurance policy which only mentions my name and my partners name, obviously not her name, is that a problem ?

Looking forward receiving your answer

Dominic Says:

If you name someone who is living abroad, the police will be suspicious that you are simply trying to avoid getting penalty points yourself.

They often ask that you prove that this person was insured to drive your car and also request proof that they were in the country at the time. She will not be covered by your policy – she would have had to have had a policy in her own name to be covered in the UK.

If you cannot show insurance cover they will often prosecute for permitting someone to drive without insurance which carries 6-8 penalty points for you.

Be very careful. Only ever tell the truth. You could get yourself into trouble for attempting to pervert the course of justice if the police obtain evidence to suggest that you are lying and this normally leads to imprisonment.

I cannot advise what effect it will have on her insurance abroad.

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