Direct Debit Payment Missed


I was stopped for no insurance. I was told I had no car insurance. I missed one direct debit payment on my policy so they cancelled my policy. I have been getting my post mixed up so was unaware of this at the time. I have since paid what I owed and got a new policy.

I was without for about 2 weeks. I got a on the spot fixed notice which was 6 points plus £200 fine. Should I just pay it or go to court? please help

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that you are not going to be able to avoid the points at court so you are better off taking the fixed penalty.

The courts don’t have any sympathy when the insurance is cancelled due to a mix up on your behalf. The court will only consider using their discretion to find special reasons not to put the points on if you can show that the cancellation was not your fault.

Sorry, but you would simply get higher fines and court costs if you fight the matter.

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