Returning To The UK – Worried About Warrant


I was stopped for driving with no insurance and issued a £200.00 fine and 6 points. I was coming to the end of my time in the UK and had not renewed. No excuses. I had 3 weeks to go. (I am a UK citizen). I insured the car, picked it up next day, surrendered my licence and waited to hear. I informed them I lived in x for the near future. Gave my UK office address as point of contact.

I traveled to x without picking up my licence and have worked there for 18 months. I am now returning to the UK as the contract has ended and need to face the music so to speak.

Obviously I guess that I have some outstanding fine and this, I would guess has been referred to Magistrates court as the company I had worked for closed very quickly after I left. I am obviously happy to pay my fine etc. as was in the wrong. What I want to know is whether I am liable for any form of arrest at the airport for this or am I over reacting?

I am guilty but would rather not be carted off at customs. I was a law abiding person with no record but flouted the law and was caught, fair game. I am not used to this and am told I have to just go in and settle my outstanding debt.

Many thanks for any help you can give.

Paula Says:

There will probably be a fines warrant for your arrest outstanding with the local magistrates court. You would need to contact the court and ask them to withdraw the warrant on the basis that you are returning to the UK and you want to settle the debt.

You maybe able to pay the amount by credit card over the phone and this would lead to the fines warrant being withdrawn. If the court dealt with the offence in your absence you will also have 6-8 points on your licence.

The bigger worry is that rather than deal with the matter in your absence they issued a warrant before sentencing on the basis that they were considering banning you from driving. This warrant may still be outstanding and may be without bail. It will be more difficult to arrange for this warrant to be withdrawn but again will come down to communication with the court.

I can’t tell you whether or not the police go to the length of telling customs about these types of warrants. I suspect that they don’t but I cannot be 100% sure. Sorry.

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