Insurance Set To Start A Month After Taken Out?


While driving home from work last Thursday 27 may I was pulled on the M5 for having no insurance which was news to me as I had taken insurance out with Swinton on the 12 may just gone. After the t/officer rang the insurers himself the lady on the phone said my policy wasn’t due to start till the 12 june so I wasn’t covered, vehicle seized!

When he then checked on the radio about my licence as I can’t find mine he said it had been revoked in 2006, which after racking my brain I realised that it was for not surrendering it for driving a work van with no insurance and tax also non production of licence.

As I had moved and not updated my address I had no idea that I had had my licence revoked and had been driving for four years without one unwittingly!

So…. I have now applied for a my licence will it come back with points on as I was pulled in April or may 2006 and how many can I expect for the above mentioned. My insurance would of been legal as of 12 June and wouldn’t have any reason to post date it a month.

I need my licence for work and my partner is expecting baby no 2. As a carpenter it is simply not possible to work without driving. Help please!!!!!

Dominic says:

You have a special reasons argument to avoid the most recent offence if you can show that you were misled into thinking that the cover would start immediately. You need to ask the insurance company if you conversation with them regarding the cover was taped. If so get a copy of the tape so you can check whether or not the advisor made it clear the cover would not start for a month.

If the only other points on your licence were from an offence in April/May 2006 you will not be facing a totting ban in respect of these matters because those points have lost effect. The penalty points only remain effective for three years from the date of the alleged offence.

Your new licence will probably be clean if it is issued 4 years after the first offence. The points are wiped off after 4 years.

You may get summonsed for driving without a licence as well as the insurance offence, but this wont add any more points. Your biggest worry is that the court give you a discretionary ban because you have committed another no insurance offence.

If you would like me to help you try and avoid the risk of a ban and also try and avoid the points come back to me and I will be happy to assist.

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