Driving Work Van Without Insurance!


Swapped company leased van due to mot failure the lease company gave me new van. The company I work for are trying to establish if I’m covered (wrangling with ins comp) I was stopped in police check docs to be produced Friday 12/3/x

Do I go in and say no ins and take the charge or ask for extension

Truth is it looks like that I was driving uninsured although no one wants to admit it

Paula Says:

You will have a really good defence to this matter if it has turned out that you were uninsured. This is based on the fact that the van didn’t belong to you and you were driving in the course of your employment. I will be able to help you get the proceedings withdrawn based on what you have said.

Have you got any points already? You need to take this seriously because if convicted you will be at risk of 6-8 points.

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