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My own car is isn’t working at the moment, so I borrowed my girlfriends. I have fully comprehensive insurance on my own car, so thought I was covered third party to drive hers. I was then caught on a speed camera on a stretch of road in Staffordshire where the speed limit and cameras continually fluctuate between 30 and 50 mph.

I hadn’t noticed that I’d entered a 30mph zone and was still doing 44mph when I got caught on a speed camera. Having now checked my insurance, I’ve found that, due to the fact that my policy is for a classic car, it doesn’t actually cover me to drive other vehicles.

This is admittedly a very stupid, but honest mistake. I have no other points on my licence, have never been stopped for any driving offences and have never had a single accident or claim in the 7 years I’ve held my licence. I also have no criminal record.

I’m very worried about what will happen to me for this offence. Will it definitely go to court (I’m happy to plead guilty, as I have no defence, except that it was an honest mistake), or can it be resolved without this? I realise that I’m more than certainly going to get points and even possibly a ban, but do you have any idea how much the fine will be?

Paula Says:

If you admit being the driver it’s unlikely that you will be asked about the insurance issue unless you were actually stopped at the scene and asked to produce within 7 days? Otherwise the police tend to just concentrate on the speeding issue and don’t check the insurance database.

The offence should be dealt with by way of a fixed penalty of three points and a £60 fine, it shouldn’t lead to court proceedings unless they spot the insurance issue.

You wont be at risk of a ban with no previous convictions and no points on your licence already even if you get summonsed for the no insurance.

If anything more sinister comes of it then give me a shout.

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