On Tow With No Insurance, MOT Or Tax


I had no road tax no insurance no Mot. Because I had just bought the car and it was being towed. It had on tow signs on it and everything. But I was sitting in the driving seat. Just to help in braking; engine was switched off and I did not have any steering control.

Paula Says:

Interesting case! Have you been summonsed to court for the offences? Have you got any points already?

Driving is all about motion and control of the vehicle. The vehicle was clearly in motion – but by the sounds of it you didn’t have control.

Having said that no insurance only requires that the prosecution prove that you had potential use of the vehicle and it was on a public road! It’s for this reasons that I think you will have trouble defending the no insurance matter – which carries the nasty 6-8 points. I do think though that you will have a special reasons argument to try and avoid the points.

The road tax issue is not defendable unless you were on your way to a pre-booked MOT and the no MOT matter is debatable for the same reasons as the No insurance, but it doesn’t carry points so it is not so much of a worry.

What stage are you at? I would be keen to help you further with this matter.

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