How Do I Get The Case Thrown Out


I was caught by an officer at 23.35 at night allegedly doing 52 in a 40 zone, he showed me radar gun of which I still denied he wrote ticket out saying I was doing 52 in 30 when road is 40, also there is one of them signs that flashes up when your doing over 40 which never flashed up.

Also he put time in date box and crossed it out an put my car model down wrong where do I stand on getting this thrown out?

Louise Says:

The speed is high and you could be at risk of a ban. Have you got an points already? If so, how many?

Are you sure the road is a 40 limit? Are there signs to that effect?

You will get a summons to court and you will have to try and cast a doubt on the officers account of events and the reliability of his evidence.

I don’t think he will have got the speed limit for the road wrong and without expert help you are going to struggle to defend this matter. 

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