More Police Officers Hiding Again!


I was clocked by police 3 weeks ago traveling at the speed indicated above.

The speed was taken from a road traffic vehicle, based on my speed over a half mile (or mile distance) using road markers.

The police vehicle was not visible. It was concealed by trees in a lay-by set off the road – although clearly it had a view of the road to track my speed.

I always understood that speed checks should be used as a deterrent to promote road safety and encourage drivers to slow down. Is it legal in Scotland for traffic vehicles to conceal themselves from drivers? Thx

Louise Says:

I’m afraid the police are allowed to hide if they want to. There are guidelines regarding the deterrent principle but its not a legal requirement for the speed traps to be visible.

The only issue they will take into account if you are charged to court is whether or not they can prove that you were traveling at the speed alleged and committed a speeding offence.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many? We have defended similar allegations on the basis that the officers did not have an unobstructed view of the entire stretch of the road where the speed trap was located.

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