Insurance Taken Out At The Exact Time I Was Stopped By Police!


Hi, I bought a van on Saturday the 6th of march and have just been stopped on Wednesday the 10th of march for driving with no insurance as at that very moment I was stopped my girlfriend was booking the insurance on line, but it wasn’t showing I was insured when the police stopped me.

They seized the vehicle and told me it will cost 150.00 pound to release the van plus a 200.00 pound fine and six points on my licence.

Could I appeal this or not?

Paula Says:

You can reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing if you can show that you were insured at the time you were stopped. The insurance certificate will show the exact time that the insurance was issued. If that was before you were stopped you will be okay if not you will be in trouble.

If the timing is really close then the court may be willing to accept a special reasons argument and waive the 6-8 points that you face.

Have you got any points already? How long have you been driving?

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