New Driver, Driving Without Due Care And Attention


I have recently been sent a letter through the post regarding “Un due care and attention”. I have been driving for 6 months, and currently already have 3 points on my license for being 0.56s after a red light. I appealed this case and lost.

I have got this letter today concerning an incident where I turned into a road, – with cars parked on both sides. I hit one of the cars on the side. The damage was minimal, their door was slightly dented in, and there were scuff marks on my car.

I drove further down the road and contemplated what to do, I finally drove home, and returned to the scene half an hour later and got a friend to leave a note on the window with my mobile number saying: if they wanted to contact me about insurance matters they could do so. I was fairly sure they wouldn’t though as the damage was minimal.

I am thoroughly shocked that the police have contacted me about this matter, rather than an insurance company, and feel certain that I am going to lose my license. Any advice on understanding the laws further and what to do would be greatly appreciated.

Louise Says:

If you were the driver then you need to say so otherwise you will be at risk of 6 points for failing to name the driver.

You are supposed to stop if you have an accident and damage is caused. You are supposed to stop as soon as it is safe to do so. You are also under a duty to report the accident as soon as possible as well and within 24 hours in normal circumstances.

I have a very good success rate in persuading the police not to issue a summons in relation to these matters. We can often persuade them to leave matters to the insurance companies to resolve.

Would you like my help? If so we would need to get to work quickly so come back to me as soon as you are able.

You will have your licence revoked if you are convicted of any of these offence as the minimum number of points is three.

Would you like my help with this matter. I succeed in dissuading the police from taking further action just over 75% of the time.

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