No Signs – Speeding


Road Traffic Offence question: Last night (16.8.x) I was stopped by a traffic officer using a Truvelo speed laser. The road I was stopped (my home address road) on has street lights, was a national speed limit road about 18 months ago and now has temporary rectangle signs saying new speed limit of 30mph in force.

No signs (official 30 mph signs) are present at all on the 3/4 mile stretch of rural road. I was told my speed was 43mph and I have to accept that the gun is right. I have been give seven days to produce my docs and face 3 points and a £60 fine. Do I have any rights on the signage issue or shall I just pay up and accept I was over the supposed limit?

Louise Says:

Sorry for the delay.

I’m afraid there do not need to be signs in place if there is a system of street lighting where the lights are not more than 200 yds apart. This automatically restricts the road to a 30 if there are no other speed signs to the contrary.

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