Two Cars In The Photo


Speeding SP40

Hi, it is alledged I was recorded doing 54 in a 40 limit, I’m sure I was not, as I moved off from a stationary start and passed the mobile camera. The vehicle which had been parked on the raised central reserve of the dual carriage way. The police have supplied photographic evidence but this shows two vehicles in the picture.

Is their manner of parking legal and reading through the ACPO document it mentions they should not have two cars in the same shot which was at 77m range.

Louise Says:

The issue is whether or not you were speeding and the court will not take note of any arguments in relation to the legality of the officers parking. The police are allowed to break the law if they are working in the course of their duty.

I think you are referring to the ACPO guidelines for the GATSO camera rather than the LTI 20/20. The laser beam on the LTI 20/20 is a pin point and the police photos should show a cross hair on your vehicle – this will convince the court that the car speeding was the one registered to you.

Sorry to be so pessimistic. there are other potential arguments – but these two are unlikely to defeat the charge.

Have you got any points on your licence? Are you a new driver? Tell me more.

The most important question is do you accept that you were speeding?

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