It Took The Police 5 Miles To Stop Me!


On x I was accused of running a red light. I was at a petrol station re fueling my motorbike when I was approached by a young chap who I couldn’t tell was a real police officer or a special, he had an all black vectra. He said he saw me run the red light about 5 mile earlier.

I did not he has either mistaken me for someone else or I went through on amber and he has made an error. He offered me a FPN but I refused to accept as I do not agree with his account of events. He then said I would receive a summons in the next 6 months.

My question is- what are the chances of this being dropped all together and me not receiving the summons and even if the summons comes is there a strong likelihood of me being found not guilty by the magistrates?

Graham Says:

You will get a summons. The officer is not likely to let the matter go. If you admit going through on amber you will still be convicted – that’s an offence too. Not many people know that. The only defence to going through on amber is if you can show that it was not safe to stop.

If the officer took 5 miles to catch up with you there is a chance you will be able to cast a doubt on the reliability of his evidence. You maybe able to show there was a break in continuity.

If you would like my help with this matter when the summons come s through then come back to me.

The officer’s statement should be attached to the summons and I will happily have a look at it for you for free when it arrives.

Have you got any points on your licence? If so, how many?

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