Traffic Lights Not Working?


I was a second car stationary at a pelican crossing with camera lights. The lights were held on red for what appeared to be a prolonged period.

The first car drove through (which I have the registration number) and I followed also. The light then flashed me. But not the first person. I intend to appeal this. (I have the registration of the person that was behind me also, who may verify the event)

Graham Says:

If you accept that you went through on red too you are going to struggle to defend this matter.

You may have an argument if the lights were broken. This may enable you to avoid the points but you are not going to be able to defend this matter if you accept that the lights were on red and you crossed the stop line. Have you asked the police whether the lights in question were working at the time.

This offence is strict liability and this means that it doesn’t matter whether or not you meant to commit it.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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