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Totting bans/penalty point ban

Nov 23, 2010
In x 2009 I was caught by a speed camera. This offence would have put me on 12 points. However by the time the offence went to court in x 2010 I was within two weeks of six of the points expiring. I was however found guilty and banned for six months. I subsequently appealed to the crown court as I felt that the facts and my circumstances had not been taken into consideration. The crown court judge upheld the decision with the comment that I had 'berated' the magistrates court. However his interpretation of 'berating' was drawn from me saying that I felt I didnt get a fair hearing as the court was very very busy (they seemed to be dealing with several cases at once)I am now two months into the six month ban do you think you could be any assistance in getting the ban lifted ??
Oct 29, 2010

Alleged Offence: no insurance
Your road traffic offence question: my first 6 points was an offence dated 27.08.07
my second 6 points offence was 27.09.10
is that calculated as 12 points as first offence is just over 3 years old

(I've left the dates in this question because there are no other identifying features and of course the dates form the whole point of the question)

Oct 29, 2010
More detail about alleged offence: i have 2 dates for the same offence but there the same date for witch i have recieved 3 points on my licence.
and one for no insurance on the x.
my licence dosnt say im banned and i havent been told im banned by the coart i dont no about these other offences.
How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: 12
Sep 30, 2010
Alleged Offence: no insurance
Your road traffic offence question: i have a driving job and have 9 points on my licence which 6 come off next year.. i had just bought a scooter for my mrs off e bay and was riding it home from where my van is parked of a night 1/2 mile down the road from my house i was stopped by police and have a court date for the offence which looks like i will go over 12 points i will lose my job if that happens.. what can i do..
Sep 14, 2010
Alleged Offence: IN10 and LC20
Your road traffic offence question: how long do i have to wait to have these offence removed from my driving licence.
date of offence was 07.01.07. confiction date was 07.09.07
Sep 13, 2010
Alleged Offence: Speeding - totting up to 12 points
Your road traffic offence question: Do the courts who impose a ban for totting up 12 points inform your employer of your driving ban. The reason i ask is that my job involves occasional driving duties and in theory i could lose my job even though its entirely feasable that i may not have to drive as part of my work during the course of any ban.
Sep 8, 2010
Alleged Offence: Driving without insurance
Your road traffic offence question: Through research I have read that should a motorist get disqualified under the totting-up procedure this will result in a 6 month driving ban and atfter this period the licence is wiped clean.
Is this true?
If so, does this mean that any endorsements imposed do NOT have to be declared the insurance companies.
Please advise
Sep 6, 2010
Alleged Offence: sp30
Your road traffic offence question: I have recently been allowed to keep my driving licence after totting up 15 points. I have since been accused of speeding again 87mph in a 70mph zone. Is there any point in trying to claim exceptional hardship again or is it very unlikely I would be successful?
Jul 6, 2010
i got banned in 2005 for no insurance. i hold my hands up, totally my fault. BUT I RECIEVED A £540 fine 8 points and a 6 month ban. After i re- sat my driving test i sent of for my licence and got it back with no points but a tt99 on my licence. everywhere i have read the offence code says that it is under the totting up procedure for recieving 12 or more points. I spoke to the court and the admin there said that this doesnt make sence. Do i have a case???
Jul 2, 2010
I recently got banned from driving. The offence was reavelling 36 miles in a 30mph zone. I already had 9pts for the same offence, though some had almost run out.
I've been unemployed for 2 years, live in a rural area with little public transport. I have work offerred in Sept, but will lose it without a license. Without work I can't afford to live on JSA, but there is no possibility of work without transport. The nearest Job Centre is a 2 hour bus ride away and I can't afford the fares.
I want to appeal, will I get legal aid? If not how can I do it on my own and what forms will I need and how much will it cost?
Jun 25, 2010
I went to court for no insurance and they said if i prove that i
need my licence for my job and my doughter i can keep it but how do i prove
that to them?
Jun 18, 2010
I am assuming that it is not possible to get legal aid for such offences. I already have 6 points on my licence and I do not want to be disqualifed (totting up), I do not have any children to argue exceptional hardship but I do have a Son (now aged 34) who depends on me financially (as he lives in Thailand) and is on an extremely low income therefore I need to work to help him. At the moment I am unemployed but was hoping to return to work. Without my licence I cannot do this. I am desperate to avoid 12pts on the totting up system. I have never been disqualified before.
As I am not working would legal aid be a possibility. ?
Jun 11, 2010
: On x/10 ...did Exeed 30 MPH speed limit (manual detection) contrary to S81(1)RTRA 84 Sch 2 ROTA 88
The recorded speed was 36 mph.
I have already replied to the initial NIP. I requested proof that it was my vehicle and that the equipment used was properly calibrated. Avon and Somerset Constabulary have replied with a copy of the photograph taken (of my vehicle) and directions to the calibration cert on line - which is in date for this year.

How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: 9
How long have you been driving: 13 years
Jun 11, 2010
I was recently caught using my phone whilst driving and since i had 9 points on my license the police said they would send me a court summons. However this was in January and i have still not recieved any court summons. Does this mean they have let me off?

Also very recently i was caught doing 38 in a 30 zone. This penalty would mean i would have 12 points and lose my license. This would be devastating since i am a mobile hairdresser and need my car to bring in money. Is there any way i could avoid getting these points?

If you could please help me by answering my questions.
Jun 7, 2010
Hi over a year ago i lost my lisence and was banned untill i passed my test again (They gave me 10points) Anyway the other week i was done for speeding i sent off my lisence etc for them to put the 3 points on my lisence, today i had it back with a letter saying beaouse i got 10points already on my paper back from when i lost my lisence before i now have to go to court what would they do? i havent long had my lisence back and got into det while trying to do so!
Jun 7, 2010
I have received a NIP for being caught on speed camera doing 51mph in a temporary 40mph zone. Instead of the £60.00 fine and three penalty points on my licence can I ask for a £90.00 and attend a speed awareness workshop without any penalty points on my licence I ask this because I already have 6 points for driving uninsured 2 years ago and 3 points for going through red lights 1 year ago. Who would I need to discuss this with to see if they will make this offer?
Jun 7, 2010
i recived a speeding ticket last earlier in the year i dont dispute the speed 58 mph in a 40mph limit but they want me to attend court to potentially ban me .im on 12 points previous but was not disqualified 16 months ago how ever 6 of these points were added to my licence on the x 2006 so i assumed these would now be void\? so why are they sending for me to attendx court on the x?
Jun 7, 2010
i was pulled over on the x i got out the car and was cautioned straight away, but not told what for!. I was asked for my licence but i didnt have it on me at the time, neither insurance certificae or M.O.T. I then got taken to the boot of a police car, at that point i was shown the speed gun and asked was you doing this speed? i said no, because i wasnt doing over the speed limit (50), i then asked for a callibration test certificate, and the officer ignored me, and carried on writing in his pocket book. i was then asked to sign something without it being explained to me, so i refused. Then i got sent on my way, but was not given any fixed penalty notice or producer. what can happen now. i also have 9 points on my licence please get back to me asap. Many thanks
Jun 4, 2010
hi i have just been caught speeding but currently have 12 points on my licence and have already gone exeptional hardship about 3 months ago 3 of my points are from march 2007 so they have been there for over 3 years are they now discounted ,and is there any way that i can avoid a ban all help appreciated kind regards
May 6, 2010
hello,please can you help me. i have just clocked up 12 points on my licence and really need to keep it. i am a single parent who is returning to university in september, and i also care for a friend who is disabled part time. i am currently out of work and loosing my licence will limit my scope for work. thank you
May 5, 2010
I was caught by the speed camera on the M6 in April 2009, doing 60 on a 50mph temporary speed limit. As I was already carrying 9 points on my driving licence, when I received the Notice of Intention to Prosecute in July 2009, I knew the offence may lead to 3 more points and potential driving ban. I therefore opted for the case to be summoned in court. I have been waiting for over 9 months and yet have not received anything from either the police or court about the hearing. Does that mean the police no longer had the intention to prosecute me as they have exceeded the time limit of 6 months to take proceedings?
Apr 30, 2010
what is the likely hood of loosing my licence by doing 57 in a 30mph zone by speed camera detection? i am admitting guilty to the offence and i am submitting a postal plea to the magistrates court. it wont be dealt with by the fixed penalty office as it was over 50mph. i have 9 points left on my licence.
Apr 26, 2010
9 points to date. 2 speeding offences + 1 offence for mobile phone usage within the last 2 yrs . I am 60 yr old single service engineer, driving an average of 50000 miles per year. I also drive taxi's P/T.If a ban is awarded, the chances of new employment at my age is pretty slim. What chances do you think I have for pleading mitigating circumstances?
Apr 26, 2010
I was stopped last year without insurance. I was stopped last week the same. Both times due to personal admin. mess up but no excuse there. I was given 6 points last year. If I am given another 6 points this will, I think, give me a 6 month ban from driving. I need to drive for my work. Is there anything that can be done here? I have not yet received the summons for the offence from last week.
Apr 26, 2010
Date of alleged offence: x March and x April
More detail about alleged offence: On both occasions I was caught by the mobile camara van which hides just before the peed limited changes from 30 to 60 on the a38 at x where I live the camera recorded my speed as 37 and 39mph respectively. I did not think I was going this fast. unfortunately I have already attended the speed awareness corse almost 3 years ago I have not yet replyed to the notice recieved for the 2nd speeding offence as I already have 9 points I am not sure what to do. Losing my licence will cause considerable hardship as I live in a rural community with only 1 bus a week.
How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: 9
How long have you been driving: 22 years
Apr 22, 2010
i currently have 9 points on my licence and was caught speeding again last week doing 97mph i was given a fixed penalty of 3 points and a 60 pound fine i havent been to the police station as yet to hand over my licence. what would your advice be to either try and fight the 3 points and request it go to court as i drive for a living and would mean i lose my job which then would affect my home as i could not afford to keep up mortgage payments or take the 3 points and get banned.
Apr 19, 2010
i really need some advice, i think im in danger of totting up 12 points and really cant afford to lose my licence. i was in an rta in january but i was drving with no insurance so im expextin 6 ponts, im also expecting another 3 points for driving 60mph in a 50mph zone, and now im worried because i was driving to work in my a company vehicle and i tried to catch the traffic light before it went on red and the next thing i know i was flashed, iv never known that there were cameras on traffic lights and i could do with some advice. thank you.
Apr 19, 2010
I'm doing this on behalf of my mum. She drove to the local hospital the day my grandfather died with no insurance and with everything going on she forgot about ruining it until a week later she ws stopped. She was at court and got a 6 month driving ban however as a result she will have no job and under the circumstances she was in I was wondering if she could appeal?
Apr 19, 2010
3 x 3 points speeding.
Now been stopped for using mobile phone in automatic car, just having returned from America where it is still legal. How much will you charge me for trying to avoid disqualification
Apr 13, 2010
caught by a police patrol car unipar sl700
on my way to work 05.12 early morning caught again 2o minutes later trying not to be late for work after first policeman kept me for half an hour knowing i was going to work a bad day just went worse I have 9 points already
Apr 9, 2010

My husband had three points for speeding on his licence. Last September he had an accident for which he has just been to court for the offences of driving without due care and attention and leaving the scene of the accident. He got 6 points for this - probably not bad under the circumstances. Unfortunately he just got caught speeding again and got another three points (in court, as he was stopped by the police) so has lost his licence for 6 months. This affects his job and his mental health (he is on anti-depressants after being made redundant a year ago and has just started a new business running a mobile disco - which is obviously badly affected). He wants to appeal against the length of the ban - what's the best basis to appeal on?

Apr 8, 2010

i got my prov licence on 01.09.05 and full licence on 15.07.08.I got 3 points on 17.08.08 onder offence code 2665 due to speed camera on30 mile limits,now i got two more fixed penalty notice,one on 23.4.10 as I admit to the trafic police that I used a phone when driving on a 30 mph road when asked by the cop in a trafic signal and singed the notice as I belived that he is writing me only sixty pound,Two notice as I moved my car before the red light finished as I got confused by the another signal which changed red to green,police car was just behind me in the same signal waiting,I been stoped and served a fixed penalty notice on 29.03.10,I applied both cases for court hearing,what will the merit of my cases?please advise.Many thanks.

Apr 7, 2010

I wish to know how long penalty points stay on my driving licence..I have 3 speeding offences.

Offence SP30 14/10/07 3 points

Offence SP3027/9/08 3 points

Offence MS9024/6/09 6 point

I have today received a speeding notice for an alleged offence on Sunday 28/3.

Apr 7, 2010

i recieved 6 points for no insurance . riding mini dirt bike off road . was punished for a motoring offence wen it isnt possible to hold insurance for a dirt bike off road .am due to recieve more points for different offence but this will lead to driving ban because of the points already recieved for dirt bike . can u help . thanx

Mar 9, 2010

i have 9 points for sp 30 .These points are from 20076 and in 2008 3.nobody will employ me.How can I get some points off my licence. I am 49 years old and have 2 children and my whife don t work and i don t have another qualification.please help me.thank you

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