Failing To Stop

Failing to stop following an accident questions and answers that will assist you to defend fail to stop allegations


Accused Of Failing To Stop

Question: I received a notice of intended prosecution from the police on Thursday for the following offences. 1) Driving without due care and attention 2) Failing to exchange details 3) Failing to report a RTA, following an alleged RTA on …

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Taxi Driver – Fail To Stop And Report

Question: I can only offer mitigation as I was unaware I had made contact with the other vehicle I was parked next to. I want to avoid a ban. I work as a taxi driver and have had a clean …

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Fail To Stop And Report And Driving Recklessly

Question: I scraped a car on the passenger side, it was parked quite close to the junction of a main road and as I was in a queue of traffic coming onto the main road and I could not stop …

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Car In Front Slammed On Brakes – No Contact

Question: Failing to stop at an accident. failing to report it to the police. Driving with undue care & attention. A driver on a lonely country road slammed on his brakes twice in front of me bringing us both to …

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Minor Bump In Car Park

Question: My wife has received from the Met police a request for information. It has been alleged that she drove without due care, and failed to report an accident. This all refers to her parking in a supermarket car park. …

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Someone Ran Over My Dog And Failed To Stop

Question: My dog got off its lead on Tuesday night 16th march. The police witnessed the whole thing. A girl knocked her down, she stopped looked over her shoulder and then drove off. 48 hours later she still hasn’t reported …

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I Wasn’t The Driver!

Question: Driving without due care and attention/failing to stop/failing to report. I am not guilty of these allegations, the driver who made them is the guilty one. My dilemma is how do I prove it? Dominic says: I need to …

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Failing To Stop And Failing To Report An Accident

Question: My son is charged with failing to stop and failing to report an accident. He intended to report the next day within 24 hours, however the police contacted him first, he went voluntarily to the police station and was …

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Driving Without Due Care, Fail To Stop And Report

Question: I have been accused of failing to stop after clipping the bumper of a parked car in a car park. I got out of my car, saw my car was not damaged, but the parked car had slight damage …

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