Failing To Report

Failing to report an accident frequently asked questions, responses, tips and advice for dealing with accusations of the driving offence.


How Many Penalty Points

Question: Failing to leave details I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have accidentally when pulling into a car parking space damaged the car next to me. I did not realise that I had done anything …

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Not Involved In A Motoring Accident

Question: Failure to stop and report a road traffic accident What is the outcome to this if there no CCTV and no witnesses with the person who reported this to be me? Dominic Says: The court will decide whether or …

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It Was Only A Small Bump!

Question: I was driving to x for the family holiday towing my caravan and called at a service station on the x. The service station was very busy and cars were parked everywhere , including 1 which was parked on …

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Nudged Another Car In Car Park

Question: Failure to stop and report I need to know if I have any defence to the charges. I was aware that I had nudged another car in the car park, however I did not believe I had caused any …

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Not Aware Of Damage

Question: Notice of intended prosecution was hand given to me on the x it was the second one as the first one I did not receive as it was supposed to have been posted just after the offence on the …

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Not Aware Of Accident Or Damage

Question: I got a section 172 through the post alleging that I was driving without due care & attention, failing to stop, failing to report. The alleged offence took place x this year, the letter I received was dated x. …

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